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The end of the beginning

Well this is it everyone. The end of the beginning.

We’ve been celebrating the internet coming of age for a little while now so this must the be the final fireworks of a very long party. The end of the internet as we have known it is upon us as we begin to witness the birth (or evolution) of something greater. ‘Web 2.0’ doesn’t cut it, nor does simply naming it the ‘Social Web’. It’s bigger than email, Google and Facebook and where is stops, nobody knows.

The great mountain of Media, which has been controlled by a small and powerful few, has already started crumbing while the mountain of popular opinion and social chatter is pushing farther upwards. The reach of the rich and powerful is now giving way to the influence of the small and insignificant. It turns out all those geek movies were truer than we all thought…the strong are now at the mercy of the smart.

What will happen now is anyone’s guess. For me, I’m going to look for the disappearance of email altogether. Possibly replaced by IM’s or streaming video messages (but who knows). I am also keeping an eye out for the abolishment of TV as we know it. Pretty soon our set-top boxes will be nothing more than wireless modems continually streaming all the programs we want to watch and mixing in the occasional vid from a friend (replacing email, remember?). Facebook, Twitter and the like will soon disappear from view as that sort of media will be absorbed by osmosis into every site we visit. A small glance at Facebook Connect and you’ll see this already starting! We won’t GO to a site like Facebook because Facebook will be in every page we go to. We won’t call it ‘the social web’. The Web is just what it is…

So enjoy the rest of the party, turn off the lights on your way out and keep an eye out for some amazing things just around the corner!