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The Rules Have Changed

For those you don’t know, I am one of the pastors at DaySpring Church, Sydney. After sharing on Sunday night, I had a number of people ask if they could have a copy of my notes. Since there was not much to my notes, I thought I would put my experience onto my blog and try to capture what was going on.

Around 4pm on Sunday afternoon I received a phone call. It was my mum, who was scheduled to speak at DaySpring that evening. She had been feeling a little sick over the last few days and decided that trying push through it would actually contradict her message on rest she had shared that morning. Subsequently, she asked if I could fill in.

With having nothing already prepared and only 2 hours before the service, I did what any normal person would do. I went to the gym! More specifically, I went to Virgin Active and made use of their ‘Chill-out Zone’.

While rocking back and forth in the strange pod-type chairs suspended from the ceiling, I took out my iPad and starting praying. I was not sure what God wanted to say to the church that night, but I had a feeling it was going to be a little out-of-the-ordinary.

As I prayed, I started experiencing that sensation you have after waking up from a dream. You know what it’s like…trying to remember the details but the more you concentrate the less you know but you can still feel the emotion? So I started writing down what it felt like.

It was as though God was writing us a letter; very visual with some not-so-subtle paradoxes thrown in. It contained concepts of graduation and bestowment of the authority and wisdom that only comes with age while, at the same time, a reminder of the words Jesus spoke in Matthew 18, “unless you be like children…” and, as always, there was purpose and identity.

I’ve included what I shared below for those who are interested. I believe it is as much for my own church as it is for anyone else. I know it definitely resonates with me personally and I hope that anyone who is encouraged by it will also take it as a word to them, their family or their church.

(Please bear in mind that the purpose of sharing this is not for a theological debate nor to discuss the merits or place of prophecy, etc. I was asked to share it, so here it is.)

Sunday – August 7, 2011. DaySpring Church

Welcome to your coming-of-age party. It is my pleasure to welcome you to the greater things. Explore my house and you will see the doors unlocked. My house is yours; I give it to you. I want you to see the delight on my face as I introduce you to new experiences, new resources, new victories.

I am changing the rules in your favour. It’s time to have relax and have fun. The promises I have made are mine to fulfill, not yours to worry about. See the new grounds I have made for you. There have been new lines drawn. The enemy won’t know how to handle your behavior now because I have equipped you with freedom.

What was arduous yesterday will bring you peace today. What took away your energy will now give you joy. I have changed the rules.

You may find yourself in familiar territory, but it’s purpose will be different. Yesterday’s battleground is now your playground. Your enemies will be bound by the rules of warfare; but you, like children playing in a playground, will make up the rules according to how you see fit. If you don’t like the game, change it. You have that power. Like children in a playground, when you enter my kingdom you will be filled with a joy that will overpower every dominant authority that is sent against you. Watch and you will see your mourning turned to dancing.

I have changed the rules for you, I have given you a new joy that cannot be quenched. I have turned your battles into games and battlegrounds into playgrounds and your enemies will simply not know what to do.

Rely on me. Lean on my Spirit. Enjoy the grace, the empowering presence, that has been dedicated to you. Enjoy your identity, your authority. Enjoy your mission: to turn every battleground you see into playground. To spread the word that the rules have changed.