Sleep, Eat, Fun

We have four kids. Two girls, two boys. Oldest is 5. Youngest is 3 months. Three had/have reflux, all are picky eaters and none ever want to go to sleep.

They are also the best kids on the planet!
They are mostly polite, mostly well behaved and they mostly love each other. They respond to correction, enjoy learning and make me laugh.

It seems that no one told me this was to be a funny photo!

Are my kids different from any other kids? As much as the father in me would say “Yes!”, I actually think not. As parents, we have struggled with the same difficulties and rejoiced in the same breakthroughs as most other families. Our kids are not miracle kids. They didn’t take their first breath of fresh air and ask to go to sleep (and they learn pretty quickly that more fun is had while awake), nor do they immediately want to “put down Daddy’s iPad and sit up for dinner.” No, we had to teach them all of that along with the fun and games.

Remember, their job is to discover the world, our job is to facilitate that discovery. Both sides of that equation are important. Let’s not remove either one!


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6 responses to “Sleep, Eat, Fun

  • Pokinatcha

    Great picture! With 7 kids, I gave up having the perfect family picture years ago! I decided they’ll be the ones with regrets not me! haha! The silly ones really are the best anyways!

    • bcrab

      Thanks! I totally agree. If you can take the pressure off yourself (and your family) everyone can relax and be themselves. While that doesn’t justify poor behavior, it does make life more a lot easier!

  • Christopher Hopper

    I love that last paragraph! Thanks! And what a wonderful – if not stoic (on your part) – picture.

  • Adam

    Great reminder man. I think especially having a very chatty 6 yr old sometimes i just want silence but when I really pay attention to what she is saying. she does have some very valid questions..

    Well at least you and Walker took the picture seriously.

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